Generate more positive online reviews and handle negative reviews before they are seen by the public.

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Review Instantly works with all major online review platforms...and, with the help of our team, can be integrated into the minor ones. ...and we will work with you to integrate it into the minor ones!

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Positive online reviews are more important than ever before!

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Reviews generate more business.

Positive reviews can help turn consumers who are interested in your products or services into loyal customers. Since online reviews are often regarded as highly as personal recommendations from friends or family members, they can also help increase the trustworthiness of your business, making customers more willing to buy from you.

Customers trust online reviews.

As more and more consumers admit to being influenced by online reviews, generating positive reviews for your business has never been more important. In fact, since most consumers admit that online reviews are an important part of their decision-making process, search engines like Google have started ranking review sites at the top of their search results.

Your customers expect a follow up regarding their experience.

Whether a customer leaves a positive review or a negative one, it is important to make them feel heard. Inviting feedback from your customers, whether positive or negative, in a timely manner will make customers feel appreciated, while also boosting your business' trustworthiness.

React to negative reviews from customers in a professional and proactive manner.

In the event that a customer leaves a negative review, acknowledging their comment and offering to fix the problem can help turn their negative experience into a positive one. Potential customers will also see how attentive you are to customer complaints, strengthening your brand image.

Encourage customers to write positive reviews.

Encouraging customers to leave online reviews will not only help you generate more business but also make your customers feel more valuable. In most cases, customers do not need incentives to entice them into leaving reviews; all you have to do is ask.

How Review Instantly effortlessly connects you to your customers.

Internet-Based Review Management Software

Simply enter a customer's email address and press send. Review Instantly will take care of the rest by emailing your customer and asking them for feedback.
Your customer replies with...
Your customer has concerns.
  1. If your customer provides negative feedback, Review Instantly will send their comments directly to you.
  2. This allows you to address your customer's concerns in a private forum before they share their comments on social media or other review networks.
Your customer loves you!
  1. If your customer provides positive feedback, Review Instantly will encourage them to spread the word on other review networks.
  2. Your customer can then complete the review process by filling out a review on a popular review network.
You get more positive reviews!
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Be in the driver's seat of your online reputation with Review Instantly.

Internet-Based Review Management Software

Review Instantly lets you take control of public reviews.

With Review Instantly, you can easily prevent negative reviews about your company from appearing publicly to prospective customers. By rerouting negative feedback directly into your inbox, Review Instantly allows you to handle customer complaints in private.

We do all the setup and maintenance, so you do not have to.

Take all the stress out of using a review system with help from Review Instantly. All you have to do is let us know what networks you want to be reviewed on and our team will take care of the rest. We will even handle all of your account maintenance and upkeep.

Save time and grow your online reputation.

The simple review process from Review Instantly can save you and your customers both time and hassle. This, in turn, can lead to more positive reviews online and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Take control of your online reputation for $17.99/month.

Review Instantly - Online Reputation Tool

What is included:
  • We do all the setup and maintenance for you.
  • We connect Review Instantly with the social review platforms of your choice.
  • Receive login information and instructions on how to use the system.
  • The ability to easily send review requests to your customers.
  • We reroute negative feedback directly into your inbox.
  • Access to the Review Instantly team for ongoing support.
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